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Please join us for an afternoon pizza party. Fresh pizza will be made as people arrive. Beer and wine are a separate charge. Bring some quarters if you want to play arcade games! Please pay Bill Brady when you arrive. Please let us know if you are sticking around. Lucky for you, the New York Times just wrote an excellent article about how cool Sacramento is and included some great entertainment options. He first moved to the Sacramento area for his first job out of college. Nathan grew up in Ojai, CA where his family still lives.

He loves to brew and drink beer, work on anything that has a motor, and going camping with Sarah. Sarah grew up in Oshkosh, WI where her family still lives. Needless to say we spent a lot of time together! Thankfully we both love to travel! Our adventures normally include lots of hiking, food, and beer.

We still manage to have hour long conversations every time we talk. Steph and I have done a lot together over the years from road trips up the west coast and NYE together in Minneapolis. Liz Pagel - Bridesmaid Liz and Sarah have known each other since elementary school and became really good friends in one of the most nerdy ways possible - by going to band camp together.

Thankfully our adventures have improved over the years including many trips through Asia together while Liz was living in Shanghai and Sarah was living in Hong Kong. Renee Husman - Bridesmaid Renee and Sarah have been friends since forever. We spent a lot of time working on dirt bikes and RC cars. We were in Chico together and have stayed close.

We enjoy working on trucks, motorcycles basically anything with a motor. As adults we have grown to be great friends and enjoy activities together.

During Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the former race car driver talked about dating the Green Bay Packers quarterback and the ESPY Awards. Jul 12, †∑ NFL teams are constantly in motion. Moves are always being madeóeven in the offseason. Players are being added and jettisoned. Offensive and defensive schemes are being tweaked.

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